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The Inter-art Home Ltd. was founded in 1991. It’s main activities are designing and constructing surface buildings. The founder of the firm, Tóth Tamás majored in construction building and graduated in architecture from the University of Technology and Economics in Budapest. This encouraged him to carry on with his work in a firm of his own. Tóth Tamás and Tóthné Szilágyi Andrea have been following this trade in the basis of their original aims.

Variety of services:

General construction:

  • Preparations,
  • Working out the proposals,
  • Working out schedules,
  • Organizing the construction,
  • Buying materials,
  • Constant supervision, direction and management of the work,
  • Connective management activities

General designing

  • Working out plans for new houses as well as restoration of houses and having them authorized
  • Preparing construction plans
    • statics
    • building engineering
    • building electricity
    • architectural plans
    • interior designer plans

Reconstruction of historic monuments

  • Building sculpture

Techniques used

We are in possession of all the necessary equipments and machines. In case of vast constructions we involve subcontractors with whom we have years of good relations.
We have had references both in the common sphere and in the private sphere for the past 20 years. In this way we constructed nurseries, community centres, hospitals, family houses and blocks of flats. For the sake of our unbroken work we find it vitally important to maintain our machine stock as well as extending our professional knowledge. Therefore we participate in further vocational trainings regularly..

IINTER-ART Home Építőipari és Kereskedelmi Kft.
Iroda: 1119 Budapest, Petzvál József u. 50-56.
Tel./Fax: +36 1 319 4311
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E-mail: interartkft@t-online.hu